The Top Benefits of Double Glazing for Windows

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Having windows that are double-glazed is a must if our customers would like to have warm and toasty interiors in the winter and a cool, comfortable home in the summer. This is the main reason why more households are having their windows double-glazed. So if you are thinking of doing the same but haven’t completely made up your mind yet, there are a few things they should know about double-glazing and its benefits.

First of all, what is a double glazed window?

Windows that are double-glazed are comprised of two glass sheets with a gap in-between. This gap usually measures around 16 millimetres, and its purpose is to create an insulated barrier, which keeps the warmth inside. This barrier is often gas-filled as well. One thing to keep in mind is that although there may be windows that are triple glazed, this doesn’t mean that they are better than the double glazed ones. What is important is that the windows are rated with the BFRC, or the British Fenestration Rating Council.

At Jones Home Solutions, we offer double glazing with different levels of efficiency for our windows. The efficiency level ranges from A+ – G, and the higher the rating, the more energy efficient the window is. Windows that are double-glazed also come in a range of materials with regards to the frame, as well as different styles. Find out more here.

The many benefits of double-glazing

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There can be said to be many benefits to double-glazing our customer’s windows, but one more obvious benefit is a reduced energy bill. When windows are double glazed, less heat can escape from a home’s interiors, making it warmer and more efficient during the colder months. Households can also eliminate any cold spots or draughts in their home, which definitely makes it more comfortable. In fact, with double-glazing, our customers can reduce the build-up of condensation on the inside of their windows as well. But aside from allowing no heat to escape and reducing condensation, windows that are double-glazed can also insulate a home from exterior noise, making it a lot quieter inside.

Keep in mind, however, that the savings on energy bills may also depend on the size of the windows, material chosen, and how the window has been installed. The good news is that typical double-glazing has a very long lifespan of two decades – even more.

Your savings when opting for double-glazing

As mentioned, our customers can have substantial savings when they opt for double-glazing for their windows, especially if their house is gas-heated. If homeowners choose windows which have an A rating, their savings can amount to between £130 to 175 per year if they have a detached house, £90 to 120 if their house is semi-detached, £80 to 100+ if they have a mid-terrace home, and £60 to 80 if they have a bungalow. If our customers have a flat, their savings with A rated double glazing can also range from £50 to 65 a year.

For B rated windows, a detached house can save from £120 to 160, a semi-detached from £80 to 110, and a mid-terrace from £70 to up to £95. Meanwhile, bungalows can save between £50 to 70 a year, and flats from £40 to 60 annually.

Double-glazing is indeed becoming a more popular choice for homeowners across the UK. Just remember to choose your double glazed windows wisely and opt for trusted and reliable installer like Jones Home Solutions, and you can’t go wrong.