Window FAQs

Patterned and Textured Glass

For privacy, pure style or to allow more light into internal rooms, decorative glass gives you a whole range of attractive options. In fact, Pilkington gives you a choice of no fewer than 18 different textured glass designs, together with our premium range of etched glass – from classic to contemporary, no one offers a bigger choice.

The advantages of Pilkington decorative glass are easy to see, too: it allows maximum light while maintaining privacy or obscuring unattractive views, and also forms an attractive decorative feature itself.

Here you’ll find all our designs, reproduced to actual size so you can get a clear idea of how they’ll look in your windows, with our clock images helping to show the different obscuration level of each pattern.

The range has been divided into three sections, making it easier to find exactly what you want: the standard range, premium Oriel etched glass range and replacement range (older patterns that are still available).

With new texture designs regularly added to offer even more possibilities, there really is no better choice of decorative glass for your home.

Download the Pilkington Decorative Range Brochure

Window Frame Colours

Natural Collection 

Steel-Blue].jpg Hazy-Grey.jpg Slate-Grey.jpg Dark-Red.jpg

Anthracite-Grey.jpg Dark-green.jpg Chartwell-Green.jpg Agate-grey.jpg

Natural Premium Collection

Irish-Oak.jpg Siena-PR.jpg

Standard Colour Range

White-PX-Foil.jpg Rosewood-White.jpg Rosewood.jpg Antique-Oak.jpg

Cream-PX-White.jpg Black-Brown-white.jpg Antique-Oak-White.jpg Anthracite-Grey-White.jpg



Energy Efficiency 

Ongoing advancements in glass technology mean that our energy saving windows are more efficient than ever. They are helping save you money on your heating bills, cut carbon emissions and most importantly make your home warmer. All energy efficient windows are given a rating, which measures their effectiveness at retaining heat, keeping out the cold.


Our Customers will place different amounts of importance on energy efficient windows, but window energy ratings are designed to give you, the buyer, at-a-glance knowledge of what level of efficiency a window can provide. The rating of a window is determined by testing and taking into account various factors such as thermal transmittance, solar factor and effective air leakage. From these measurements a window will be assigned a rating from A to G, with A+ being the highest rating. 


To help you compare the effectiveness of each of our energy efficient windows, we use the energy ratings system developed by the British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC), which is the UK’s nnationally recognised scheme for measuring window energy efficiency. The BFRC scheme is used in Building Regulations to show compliance for window replacements; to comply, every window must achieve a C rating or above.

Jones Home Solutions is proud to offer windows rated A+, A, B, and C so you can choose the most suitable energy efficient windows for your budget and needs. 


Rating Scale

BFRC Rating



10 or greater


0 to < 10


-10 to < 0


-20 to < -10


-30 to < -20


-50 to < -30


-70 to < -50


Less than -70

The BFRC rating number is calculated using BFRC Rating equation. This gives numerical BFRC Rating (generally a negative number) that can be converted to an A+ - G band using the table.

Aluminium Secondary Glazing

Secondary glazing can help eliminate the draughts and rattling windows that historic and listed buildings can suffer from. Air is trapped between your existing window and the secondary window, which acts as a form of double glazing to provide insulation and ensure your home stays much warmer.

The layer of air between the existing window and secondary window also insulates against outside noises, reducing the amount of outside noises that reach the inside of your home.

Secondary glazing will make your home safer and more secure, thanks to anti-burglar catches fitted as standard. The deluxe secondary glazing range also includes a multi-point locking mechanism with a key-lockable handle for enhanced security. 

Why choose Secondary Glazing?

Whether it’s through preference or necessity, some homeowners need to consider secondary glazing as opposed to full window units. When choosing Jones Home Solutions Secondary Glazing, you can make the most of these incredible benefits:

  • A stunning option for when exterior windows cannot be changed
  • A perfect solution for cutting out draughts, cold air and noise
  • A form of double glazing that will keep your home much warmer
  • Effective soundproofing when used in conjunction with our other window ranges, with recent acoustic tests revealing a reduction of up to 12 decibels with our secondary glazing
  • A tidy look via our unobtrusive design, almost invisible from the outside
  • Enhanced security benefits featuring anti-burglar catches to make your home safer
  • Virtually maintenance-free design with easy to wipe aluminium frames
  • Standard and deluxe range options coming with concealed hinges, thicker frames, offset handles, multi-point locking and a tilt function improving the performance of the windows
  • Made to measure for a perfect fit - our tolerance for gaps is far less than other suppliers, so we use a product specific trim around the edge of the windows for a neater finish
Triple Glazed Windows 

Why choose Triple glazing?

  • Warmest - Whether it is heat generated by the sun or heat that has been created indoors, the extra pane in our windows helps to maintain that heat and our new A++ rated windows help maximise energy efficiency and reducing heating bills.
  • Quietest - Nothing disrupts a cosy night in more than external sounds invading our homes, and the extra pane serves to block out even more than our double glazed windows. That all of our products are made in the UK ensures they are of the highest standards too.
  • Safest - Every little detail that deters intruders from your home is a bonus. The extra pane makes these windows a lot harder to break, giving you and your family extra peace of mind. What’s more, our windows each come with extensive guarantees.
  • Toughest - Our triple glazed windows feature a multi-point locking system as standard, and as they are also made with the finest materials on the market, their resistance is unparalleled.

Our triple glazed windows at Jones Home Solutions offer the best heat retention properties and warmth of any of our frames, making them ideal for north-facing windows.

If you want a home that’s both warm and energy efficient, our A rated triple glazed windows are the perfect choice. As well as keeping in warmth, they have the best acoustic performance and sound insulation of any of our windows. With our triple glazing installed your home will be warmer, benefit from less noise and increased security. You could also enjoy cheaper heating bills.

To maximise the sun’s energy, our triple glazing features an extra layer of Low E glass which reflects heat back into your room, making it much warmer and cheaper to heat. That means with triple glazed windows, you can increase the energy efficiency of your home by up to a third, compared with double glazing.

Triple glazing is ideal for north-facing rooms or houses with a north-facing elevation where natural sunlight is at its lowest. As you probably won’t need it in every room, you can mix and match the windows in your home to suit the aspect and elevation of each room.

The extra glass panel in our triple glazed windows also provide fantastic sound insulation so they’re ideal for homes which are near busy roads or airports.